[rfc-i] Requirement for "clear printing"

Yoav Nir ynir at checkpoint.com
Wed Feb 20 01:23:32 PST 2013

On Feb 20, 2013, at 10:26 AM, Brian E Carpenter <brian.e.carpenter at gmail.com> wrote:

> Joel,
> On 19/02/2013 17:27, Joel M. Halpern wrote:
>> In line...
>> On 2/19/2013 12:10 PM, Tony Hansen wrote:
>>> On 2/19/2013 11:55 AM, Brian E Carpenter wrote:
>>>> a) "Clear printing" is too vague, and we should say something more
>>>> like "Easily legible printing on A4 or US Letter size paper, whenever
>>>> possible without splitting figures and tables."
>>> agreed
>> Also agreed.
>>>> b) There is a separate question of whether we also require identical
>>>> pagination on those two paper sizes.
>>> The current format gives the same pagination on both paper sizes. If we
>>> have a plain printable format with the characteristics in (a), it should
>>> continue to have the same pagination on the two paper sizes.
>> I do not care if it happens that we end up with the same pagination. But
>> I do not see why there should be a requirement.  We are talking about
>> two specific formats, out of several.  Why is it important that they
>> share this property?   What is the requirement we have?
> I tried to avoid taking a position on this requirement when I formulated
> it, but the argument for it is so that old-fashioned dinosaurs on opposite
> sides of the Atlantic could discuss paper copies with each other without
> confusion. We could avoid the whole discussion if the US would care
> to switch to A4.

Yeah, and meters while they're at it…

It's fine if the dinosaurs want to talk to each other. But most discussion happens on mailing lists, where some non-dinosaurs might want to participate. If people reference things by page numbers it forces everyone to either stay out of the conversation or go dig up the paginated version to figure out what they're talking about.

If I talk about what Jesus said about sinners on page 583, you won't know what I'm talking about. If I say it was on page 603 in the KJ version in PDF format downloaded from bookbindery.ca, I'm still being a jerk, because you'll need to download this version to see what I'm talking about.  If I say "Luke 15:3" you can find it immediately in any bible and Google. So we should encourage the use of sections and paragraphs, and discourage the use of page numbers.


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