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#270: Resources associated with allowing UTF-8 in RFCs (Section 3.3)

Comment (by nico at cryptonector.com):

 But note that allowing non-ASCII UTF-8 would not require that any existing
 tools be updated on day one.  Instead the tool maintainers could update
 their tools as demand materializes.  I think this goes for other bits of
 desired evolution in the RFC formats, such as improved image support (that
 is, beyond ASCII art).

 I can live with that.

 Also, the RFC-Editor isn't responsible for any of the tools in question (a
 somewhat surprising fact, I think), so it seems a bit much to ask that the
 RFC-Editor have any degree of understanding of development/maintenance
 impact on any of the relevant existing tools.  That said, we should give
 the developers/maintainers of these tools a chance to comment on this and
 have their comments integrated into this I-D.

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