[rfc-i] [IAB Trac] #266: Requirement for "Clear Printing"

RJ Atkinson rja.lists at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 11:10:40 PST 2013

On 15  Feb 2013, at 13:23 , Paul Hoffman wrote:
> Yes, it does, by keeping the column limitation to 72.

I have no objection to including other formats
with different column limits (or other formats
with no column limit).

A limitation that is specific to one of several possible
formats (i.e. my proposal) is (by definition) NOT a limitation 
to the other possible formats.

> Because you mixed two proposals:
> (a) using the historical number of columns and rows
> and (b) have a text/plain output that is paginated.

As I described earlier, those are not independent concepts.
Neither ASCII, nor ISO-8859-X, nor ISO-10646 (which 
underlies "UTF-8") have the concept of fonts.  They 
just have character encodings.



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