[rfc-i] Call for Comment: "RFC Format Requirements and Future Development"

Brian E Carpenter brian.e.carpenter at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 04:04:41 PST 2013

Just a few points on the -02 version:

> Abstract
>    The requirements
>    described in this document will determine what changes will be made
>    to RFC format.

I would suggest s/determine/guide/. Don't tie yourself down too soon.

> 2.1.1.  Line art, aka ASCII art 

As others have said, Line art is *not* aka ASCII art. This section
is only about ASCII art.

>       *  Complex art could allow for color to be introduced into the
>          diagrams.

Please say "grayscale or color"

> 3.2.  Requirements to be added
>       *  Graphics may include ASCII art and SVG line art.

The mention of SVG comes out of nowhere - the only previous discussion
was about "more complex" art. The choice of SVG needs some justification,
not to mention a reference. And are you sure about it? Wouldn't it be
safer at this stage to say something like this?

*  Graphics may include ASCII art and a more complex form to be defined,
   such as SVG line art.

>          Color will
>          not be accepted; RFCs must correctly display in monochrome to
>          allow for monochrome displays, black-and-white printing, and
>          support for physical and age-related disabilities.

I don't understand from that whether grayscale is in or out.


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