[rfc-i] Regarding section 2.3

Nico Williams nico at cryptonector.com
Fri Feb 1 12:33:21 PST 2013

Section 2.3 strongly implies that the RFC-Editor wishes to continue
with roff as the final revisable format.  But it seems to me that the
RFC-Editor should be open to alternative typesetting formats.  What I
think we want is to say that any XML or other markup language used by
authors must be able to render in the RFC-Editor's choice of
typesetting format.

I also suppose that xml2rfc and its schema might get so darned good at
typesetting RFCs that no intermediate typesetting format conversion
might be needed.

So what's the advice to draw from section 2.3?  Surely not just that
xml2rfc had better continue having an option to output roff (though
clearly that is good advice).


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