[rfc-i] Availability of XML Sources

Heather Flanagan (RFC Series Editor) rse at rfc-editor.org
Tue Dec 31 11:15:10 PST 2013

On 12/30/13 7:38 PM, Jonas Hermsmeier wrote:
> Is there any way I can get a hold on the XML sources of *all* RFCs?
> It seems only for few RFCs can the XML file be found somewhere.
> Is there a specific reason that they're not available on the website?
> It would actually be quite useful to be able to access them the same way as
> TXT and HTML formats can be accessed.

Hi Jonas,

As others have already mentioned, not all RFCs have an XML file.  For
those that do have an XML file, that file may not contain all of the
content found in the final, published version of an RFC.  The last step
before publication involves converting the XML to nroff, and changes to
the text may still happen after the work with the XML file is done.

If you are looking for the XML file of a particular RFC, send a message
to rfc-editor at rfc-editor.org and we will send you the file if it is
available (along with more caveats regarding the fact it may not contain
all the content found in the published RFC).


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