[rfc-i] RFC Production Center request for unnumbered sections

Jim Schaad ietf at augustcellars.com
Wed Dec 11 09:03:27 PST 2013

There has been a request from the RFC Production Center to allow for
unnumbered sections to occur in xml2rfc v2 (Ticket #105).  Doing so will
change the current schema to implement this.


The original request is to allow for these sections to occur at the start
and the end of the middle and back elements.  Discussions in the ticket
suggest that it should be allowed to occur at the start or end of any
numbered section.


The proposed change is as follows:


1.       Change the dtd to allow an "unnumbered" attribute on section which
has a default value of "no"

2.       Xml2rfc will enforce that a section tagged as "unnumbered" cannot
occur between any two numbered sections

3.       Xml2rfc will enforce that a section cannot occur as a child of an
"unnumbered" section

4.       Unnumbered sections will be kept on a separate counter from
numbered sections and will be auto-numbered using 'u#' rather than '#'.
Thus leading to 'rfc.section.u1' or 'rfc.section.5.u3'

5.       Looking at the HTML output for sections, I find it odd that there
is an 'a' element emitted that points to where one is for sections.

    <h1 id="rfc.section.1"><a href="#rfc.section.1">1.</a> Introduction</h1>

since we don't have a bullet in this case to point to, I would propose that
the 'a' element be omitted.


I have been advised that requests coming from the RFC Production center
should be satisfied when possible.  The above proposal does go farther than
what the original request was and can be scaled back if that is felt




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