[rfc-i] Wider space after sentence-ending periods, yes or no?

Martin Rex mrex at sap.com
Fri Apr 12 14:27:35 PDT 2013


   The topic of spacing after a period (or "full stop" in some parts
   of the world) has received a lot of attention in recent years.
   The vitriol that the single-space camp has toward the double-spacers
   these days is quite amazing, and typographers have made up an entire
   fake history to justify their position.


   The Chicago Manual of Style editors similarly show a great deal
   of ignorance when one of them states on an official
   question-and-answer page: "I've noticed in old American books
   printed in the few decades before and after the turn of the last
   century (ca. 1870-1930 at least) that there seemed to be a trend
   in publishing to use extra space (sometimes quite a bit of it)
   after periods.

   It's a pity this editor apparently hasn't bothered to look at most
   books published for centuries before 1870 or at many published even
   decades after 1930.  It's an even greater pity that this editor
   didn't even bother to look at previous editions of the Chicago
   Manual itself!  (As we shall soon see, this was not some minor trend,
   but accepted practice, as the early editions of the Chicago Manual


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