[rfc-i] Color/grayscale/monochrome (was: Re: Reasons for going beyond ASCII art)

Leonard Rosenthol lrosenth at adobe.com
Thu Sep 27 05:20:42 PDT 2012

>In terms of technology, color doesn't introduce many complications. 
You need to spend more time in the world of graphics & images....

Color introduces HUGE problems _IF_ you are concerned about 100% accurate color reproduction on any output "device".

>Graphics and image formats these days can handle color without problems. 
IF AND ONLY IF they are authored properly, incorporated into color-aware file formats, and then viewed/displayed/printed properly.

Otherwise, nothing works 100% correctly.

Of course, in many cases, you may not care if your "red line" is a bit darker or lighter as long as it is "red".   But if it were to turn "green", then you might care!

>Same for displays even on quite limited devices (not if one wants to read an RFC on the display of a washing machine or a pocket calculator, but in that case, >there will be more serious problems anyway). 
Actually many devices are even worse (when it comes to handling color properly), as they don't bother to include and/or support color management.  In fact, the ICC (International Color Consortium) has decided to focus a big part of this years "DevCon" (<http://www.color.org/DevCon/devcon12.xalter>) on the areas of mobile and web color management.


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