[rfc-i] RFC Format requirements draft

SM sm at resistor.net
Fri Sep 21 11:17:35 PDT 2012

Hi Heather, Nevil,
At 08:50 21-09-2012, RFC Series Editor wrote:
>The "RFC Series Format Development" I-D has been published,
>documenting community and RFC Editor requirements for changes to the 
>RFC format.  Discussion of these requirements will be held on the

   "This document takes a look at the current requirements for RFCs as
    described in RFC 2223"

If I am not mistaken, the current requirements are described in 2223bis.

   "Will allow better support for international authors, in
    particular allowing authors to spell their names in their
    native character sets."

It's better not to call them "international authors".  It makes 
existing authors sound provincial. :-)

Speaking of tools, see 

The following is not important.  Feel free to ignore.

The draft does not mention that RFCs follow a US-centric approach for 
historical reasons.  The change is more about moving from a (US) 
paper-based style to a device-friendly style.    BTW, there is still 
have the problem of pagination but that's only matters for the 
referenced version of the document.  As most people refer to the IETF 
version of a document anyway, what you do about the referenced 
version is not a solution which everyone has to agree to.  You could 
even call it a the distributed format instead of a publication 
format.  That takes look-and-feel out of the equation.


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