[rfc-i] Metadata

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Fri Sep 21 11:27:22 PDT 2012

In article <3DD54EFB-5C2F-4A2B-BC5F-5D1BC1654AFE at vpnc.org> you write:
>Greetings again. The -00 draft's discussion of metadata does not reflect the discussion to date. It says:
>   RFC 2223 makes no mention of metadata, i.e. ways to indicate
>   particular parts of the text.
>Metadata is not a way to indicate parts of the text. Metadata is information that is derived
>from, or extracted from, the document. The distinction is fairly important to this discussion in
>that metadata is currently derived both by hand and by heuristic tools.

It's anything that's about the document as opposed to part of the
document.  This doesn't exclude information that's also present in the
document, but it's quite common to have metadata that's not in
the document itself.


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