[rfc-i] Technical changes after AUTH48

SM sm at resistor.net
Tue Oct 16 11:58:40 PDT 2012

At 08:57 16-10-2012, Russ Housley wrote:
>In the past, the sponsoring AD has made a judgement call about the 
>changes.  In the past 5+ years, when in doubt, the AD has raised a 
>question with the WG or the IETF mail list during AUTH48.  In one 
>case, a new WG Last Call and a new IETF Last Call were 
>performed.  Based on the magnitude of the changes that you are 
>suggesting here, the amount of discussion that has taken place on 
>the WG mail list will help determine the appropriate actions.

   'Once an RFC has been edited and is ready for publication, the author(s) are
    given "48 hours" (in practice, this often stretches over weeks) 
to look over
    their document for errors, editorial and otherwise. We DO NOT 
make changes to
    RFCs once they have been published, so please look over your 
document carefully.
    Upon approval by all authors, the RFC will be published.'

As a nit, this is an IETF issue as it's not up to the RFC Editor to 
evaluate IETF process issues.  It is my understanding that AUTH48 is 
for editorial changes.  It does not hurt to send a note to the IETF 
working group about a proposed change.  If that change affects IETF 
consensus a new IETF Last Call may be a good idea.

It's merely a matter of sending a few messages.  If the document took 
several years to clear the process, it's unlikely that one more 
message will stop its imminent progress.


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