[rfc-i] digital signatures in documents

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Mon Oct 1 08:24:31 PDT 2012

> Detached signatures have none of the failings of the proposed internal
> signatures: having to rely on a current broken spec or having to
> invent a new one, adding cruft that might be exposed to the 99.999% of
> readers who don't care, ...

Agreed.  To summarize some previous discussion, I've done a fair
amount of legal testimony, some of which has involved RFCs, and I
can't ever remember a situation where the availability of a digital
signature for an RFC would have made any difference.  That's not
how courts work.

If the issue is detecting bit rot in the archives, they'll do that,
but so would much lighter weight approaches like publishing tables
of hashes of the files.


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