[rfc-i] ISBN and DOI

John R Levine johnl at taugh.com
Wed May 30 07:22:13 PDT 2012

> This makes it sound like they are looking for a section called 
> "Abstract", and indeed rfcmarkup doesn't generate those. It may be 
> simple to add those, though.


> It's kind of unfortunate that Scholar uses heuristics different from 
> Google Search here...

That's a feature.  Scholar doesn't want to index every random web page, 
only the ones that look like journal articles.  If you look at the breadth 
of stuff that Scholar does index, it's apparent that their heuristics work 
pretty well.

As I think I said before, there are probably other indexes with similar 
rules, so if we fix up the online RFCs so Scholar can find them, the other 
places will find them, too.


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