[rfc-i] ISBN and DOI

John R Levine johnl at taugh.com
Mon May 28 21:03:18 PDT 2012

>> Fun fact: the DOI group claims they want doi: URIs, but apparently
>> nobody involved has gotten around to writing a draft and running it
>> through the process. Maybe we could offer to do it for them, in exchange
>> for 20,000 free DOIs for the next decade's RFCs.
> Might be a good deal for us. But the reason nobody is keen on writing that 
> RFC is that in this case, http: is mostly good enough, and getting doi: 
> deployed would be really tough.

Remember that the RFC doesn't have to spec out the implementation, just the 
syntax and what it means.

Apparently CNRI has a plugin to add doi: to Firefox.  I think that in the 
simplest case all it needs to do is to rewrite "doi:10.1.2/foo" into 

I agree that there's little reason for anything not involved with DOIs to do 
anything about it.


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