[rfc-i] ISBN and DOI

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Sun May 27 07:00:08 PDT 2012

>I'm unclear what would be the benefit of the admin overhead of an ISBN
>per RFC.

None, unless you want to list them in the Amazon and B&N catalogs for
Kindle and Nook download.  (Not the worst idea in the world, actually,
there are plenty of $0 public domain books there now.)  They're fairly
expensive, a dollar apiece when bought in blocks of 1000, so this is
something not even worth thinking about until the format wars resolve
and we agree that it would be OK to distribute RFCs in e-reader
formats.  We'd need an ISBN per RFC per format, i.e., different
ones for Kindle, Nook, epub, and legacy printer format.

A more interesting question is whether it would be worth assigning
DOIs, since those are fairly widely used as online references to
articles now.  They're also expensive.

I'd think both of those are really up to Heather, I know she's
aware of the issue, so we can safely drop it here.


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