[rfc-i] Proposed new RFC submission requirements

Phillip Hallam-Baker hallam at gmail.com
Sat May 26 19:06:52 PDT 2012

Code is different from text in many ways:

* it is executable
* it should conform to a syntax
* it should be semantically correct

I have for many years used tools that automate the production of
examples to ensure consistency.

It seems to me that we could save quite a bit of WG time if more
people had access to this type of tool and if we had tools that could
extract all the code sections from a draft and submit them to
appropriate validation tools.

I am quite happy to share this toolchain BTW.

I don't use XML schema either. Its kinda junk. I have generated the
schema from another format that is less baroque.

On Sat, May 26, 2012 at 11:42 AM, Russ Housley <housley at vigilsec.com> wrote:
> Joe:
>>> - for code like ABNF: type information
>> Again, why? The heading that marks it, sure, but why any different from fig/table/example?
> Code can be extracted from an I-D or RFC under a different license than text.  Clear differentiation of code and text would be very helpful.
> Russ
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