[rfc-i] Proposed new RFC submission requirements

Joe Touch touch at isi.edu
Fri May 25 08:27:52 PDT 2012

On May 25, 2012, at 8:14 AM, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> On 5/25/12 8:33 AM, Martin Rex wrote:
>> Paul Hoffman wrote:
>>> If the RFC Editor's only decision criteria is "what would make my life
>>> easier", they should prefer to have only one submission format.
>>> If they have other criteria such as "we want to make publication in
>>> the RFC series available to authors who don't want to learn XML",
>>> they might prefer to have something easier (for the author) as well.
>> Since the RFC Editor is _not_ the author of most of the documents
>> that are to be published as RFC, it will be essential that the 
>> submission format can be automatically generated from 
>> easy-to-use authoring formats.
> The lack of easy-to-use authoring formats doesn't seem to have hindered
> publication of 6500+ RFCs so far.

I've written docs in nroff, xml2rfc, and Word.

The current Word template - which I maintain - is as easy to use as writing any conference paper, including support for outline mode and outline-based structural editing.

The two things I wish I could change about it:

	1) it requires use of a textonly printer driver, which
	currently exists only on Windows (I've talked to some at
	Apple, but I don't know enough about CUPS to write my own
	driver, and haven't found any that suffice yet, paid or 

	2) it requires use of a post-processing script
	This might be easy to fix using a script inside Word, but
	I'm not that familiar with how to do that

If anyone wants to help with either of these, BTW, please let me know.


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