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"Martin J. Dürst" duerst at it.aoyama.ac.jp
Thu May 24 23:52:23 PDT 2012

On 2012/05/25 15:40, "Martin J. Dürst" wrote:
> On 2012/05/25 7:35, Joe Touch wrote:
>> PS - I modified the file trivially (we could do this in post-processing)
>> to add "preformatted" to all figures.
>> Figures no longer wrap.
>> (the file appears to have its own CSS at the beginning; I modified it
>> there in case anyone looks at source).
> Yes, it does. And that CSS is awfully long.

Sorry, just forgot: I'm saying that because I'm comparing it with at CSS 
file that I wrote that displays the xml2rfc XML rather close to a .txt 
document, and allows close to WYSIWYG editing in editors that support 
that. It's far from being complete or perfectly tweaked, but I'm 
attaching it just so that people interested can have a look at it (or 
improve it).

The WYSIWYG I'm speaking about is Oxygen XML Editor. That's not free, 
but has a steep academic discount, which may work for Joe Touch and some 
others, too. Earlier, I was using XMetaL,  but they went the corporate 
route and it's now way too complicated and completely unaffordable for 
me. I'm sure there are other tools that can do similar things.

I have to admit that I'm not using the WYSIWYG mode too often because I 
really care about the markup, and I'm afraid that editing in WYSIWYG 
mode may produce spurious diffs (but that hasn't been too bad so far). 
Also, xml2rfc's peculiarities, in particular the fact that section 
titles are attributes, not elements, makes WYSIWYG editing more 
difficult than it should be (and we really should fix that on the 
xml2rfc side!).

Regards,   Martin.

> In addition, there's lots of
> style information inline, but it should be possible to clean that up.
> Regards, Martin.
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