[rfc-i] Pagination requirements

Joe Touch touch at isi.edu
Thu May 24 10:22:16 PDT 2012

On 5/24/2012 8:54 AM, Joe Hildebrand wrote:
> On 5/24/12 9:27 AM, "Yoav Nir"<ynir at checkpoint.com>  wrote:
>> How about this wording for the requirements:
>> In order to facilitate both on-screen viewing and printed output, the RFC
>> Editor will produce output in at least the following two formats:
>>   - HTML that works well on browsers, and acceptably on small screens. There
>> will be no pagination on the HTML version
>>   - PDF that is set with fonts and margins such that it will print well on both
>> A4 and US Legal. The PDF will have page numbers on the pages and in the TOC
>> Tools will be provided to convert input drafts to both these formats
>> (preferably from all of XML, Nroff, and the Word document using the template)
>> Does this meet everybody's requirements?
> The important question is what MUST be submitted to the RFC editor in order
> to enable her to generate all of these formats.  I would suggest that the
> lineprinter format does not have enough tagging of content to make the
> generation easy enough.

That's true.

> The two formats that we have that could be made to
> work are xml2rfc and HTML, afaict.

Word does fine with that too - Word can easily generate reflowable HTML 
as output.


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