[rfc-i] Pagination requirements

Joe Touch touch at isi.edu
Wed May 23 15:36:05 PDT 2012

On 5/23/2012 3:23 PM, Andrew Sullivan wrote:
> On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 03:00:46PM -0700, Joe Touch wrote:
>> I don't need to be able to read an RFC on my phone. I think anyone
>> who does is batty, and should deal with whatever subset of the
>> document their tiny little window displays, and move on.
> Not for the first time in this discussion do I detect the argument, "I
> don't have that particular problem, so it's not a problem and it's
> stupid and all those people should FOAD."

I'm channeling the "I don't ever want to print it out, so I don't care 
how pretty it is" response *I* just received, in case the sarcasm wasn't 

> I think that anyone who prefers a display techology built around a
> paper format peculiar to North America is batty, FWIW.  I do not,
> however, think that others should automatically have to be
> constrained by my work patterns.

I agree - it would be nice if none of us were constrained by anyone 
else's work patterns, but that's *exactly* what's driving this 
discussion in its entirety.

We have an incomplete solution right now that causes some pain in some 
corners. I really wonder whether we're just pushing around a giant 
marshmallow in a cage, just to have it pop out somewhere else - i.e., 
causing pain in a *different* corner, but not removing the overall 
amount of pain at all.


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