[rfc-i] RFC Format - final requirements and next steps

Martin Rex mrex at sap.com
Tue May 22 15:19:59 PDT 2012

John Levine wrote:
> > Are there really PDF visualization tools for small devices that
> > display a screen-size&zoom-factor dependent "how many pgdowns to the
> > end of the document" rather than the current page number of the
> > pre-pagination where the currently displayed part of the document
> > originates?
> No, it's worse.  On my Kindle, the normal way to display a PDF is to
> shrink the pages to fit on the screen, which makes them totally
> unreadable.  You can tell it to zoom in, but then you have to scroll
> painfully back and forth down each page, then tell it to advance to
> the next page and do it again.  

For reading existing RFCs on a Kindle, reflowing the ASCII text would
be a pretty workable approach.  It is simple software shortcoming
that these devices display plain ASCII text so poorly today.

For implementing and discussing an RFC, the Kindly and other
small devices are pretty useless.  Cross-device copy&paste doesn't work.

When I mark some text area in my browser windows and do a right-click
"view selection source" or just "view source" on the whole page,
I am regularly annoyed by the stupid browser that does not wrap
the lines of the HTML(!!) source that it visualizes.  And when you move
to a specific position in a 1000+ chars long line and then move down
two lines to the next huge line over an intervening short line,
you can restart scrolling ...

If there is anything broken, then it is the browser software, really.


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