[rfc-i] Pagination requirements

Martin Rex mrex at sap.com
Wed May 16 04:10:08 PDT 2012

Joe Hildebrand wrote:
> "Martin Rex" <mrex at sap.com> wrote:
>> I'm pretty sure that there are less than 1 in 200 RFCs where this
>> would make sense at all.
>                If this feature isn't important to you, don't use it. But
> please don't get in the way of other people trying to do good work just
> because you work at a layer of the stack that you think non-English-speakers
> never see.

non-English-speakers (more accurately non-English-readers) or folks with
difficulties in recognizing or distinguishing latin letters are *NOT*
(and likely will never be) the target audience of IETF RFCs, simply
because the communication between IETF participants and between the IETF
and implementors will not work if they're not capable of understanding

Making ASCII author names optional when non-ASCII author names are
given is IMHO a bad idea.  For interoperability, the ASCII representation
is a must.  And while the non-ASCII representation might look "pretty"
to some, it can not possibly improve the comprehensibility of the document
in any way.  The next logical step tomorrow would be to embed an
audio file with the correct pronounciation into the RFC.

The trainer in my last training had southern european descent and
his original name involved accented characters.  When he introduced
himself, he wrote his name as originalle spelled to the board,
supplied the clear original pronounciation for it and then gave
us a different name (sharing little besides the initial base character O
with his real name) that we should use instead to address him,
because he is _very_ used to the fact that only folks knowing his
mother language can read his original name and have an idea how to
pronounce it.


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