[rfc-i] RFC Format - final requirements and next steps

Ole Jacobsen ole at cisco.com
Tue May 15 13:19:03 PDT 2012

As someone who has been around (mostly print) publishing for 25 years, 
I must say that I find this discussion a little strange. A *major* 
concern of anyone involved in print publishing is presentation and 
readability. If you throw all that out the window and opt for user- 
selectable fonts, formatting, re-flowed text, artwork that moves, and 
so on for the sake of "small devices," then I think you've given up
part of the original idea which was to make RFCs more readable and
presentable in a world where our "competition" pays a lot of attention
to those features.

This is not to say that the new format, whatever it turns out to be,
should not be device-friendly, but I am puzzled by the focus on 
engineered solutions without a clear set of "design requirements"
if I may use that term.


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