[rfc-i] Graceful degradation is key, was: Re: draft-hildebrand-html-rfc

Martin Rex mrex at sap.com
Tue Jul 17 00:04:34 PDT 2012

Julian Reschke wrote:
> Martin Rex wrote:
> >
> > Julian Reschke wrote:
> >>>
> >>> If page numbering didn't work 1:1 between printouts and on-screen,
> >>> then it would be pretty useless (as substitute).
> >>
> >> Why?
> >
> > As a consistent reference point within existing multi-page RFCs,
> > that will reliably work independent of how other look at the document,
> > or how I will look at the document tomorrow.
> I believe there is emerging consensus that that reference point should 
> be section numbers.

I frankly do not see that consensus, I believe section numbers
to be the sole reference points much to coarse, and I don't
think that pathological fragmentation of text into subsections
is a universal solution (let alone sensical).

There may be multiple-pages examples, long lists, where being
able to point to a page is sometimes useful.

I really want to see the pre-formatted for printing (rfcmarkup)
RFC format be retained for future RFCs as well, and *I* will continue
to exclusively use URLs into the the pre-formatted online RFCs
during discussions, if at all.

> > ...
> > I don't mind that you use XML or HTML, and I also don't mind when the
> > RFC Editor creates HTML versions of RFCs.
> >
> > But I want the RFC Editor to continue to accept nroff submissions
> > for those that don't want to waste their authoring time on XML/HTML
> > bike shedding.
> > ...
> Depending on what we agree on, allowing formats that are "too simple" is 
> likely going to cause additional work for the RFC Editor, which needs to 
> be paid. This is something we need to keep in mind. Optimally, the new 
> format will make the actual formatting *easier* for the production center.

There can not be a "too simple" format, only a too complex format
that puts excessive and completely unnecessary burden on RFC authors.

And I continue to be heavily opposed to all those lobbying with the sole
objective to kill all other submission formats besides xml2rfc.


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