[rfc-i] Graceful degradation is key, was: Re: draft-hildebrand-html-rfc

Peter Sylvester peter.sylvester at edelweb.fr
Mon Jul 16 08:45:35 PDT 2012

21 years ago I wrote a little booklet called "EARN pocket guide".
This was written using IBM VS/Script. This is one of the languages
similar to tex etc.  Tags  written  as :tag.  and :etag.

There are at least two formatters: One for postscript, one for line printer.

I haven't kept the input but if you would replace :tag. by <tag> and
:etag. by </etag> you get something like xml or html.
The postscript was used to actually print the booklet, i.e.
transparent slides.

The lineprinter output was kept by someone in the network.


initially it was coded in EBCDIC. I have not verified whether
the EBCDIC->ASCII transformation is absolutely correct,
or has (easily repairble not-sign vs ! e.g.) errors like in the
Stanford PL360 compiler.
The first character has not even be translated. IBM'ers know
what it means.

We have processors like lynx or other that can present
HTML in a line printer form (if it doesn't contain to many
tables etc.  I think even a special print style sheet where
all character sets are fixed size courrier should do this.

Even in a work environment with 50 machines that
are 20 years old and only accessible via a telnet or ssh,
it doesn't seem totally impossible to me to have a small
notebook or whatever with a reasonable set of documenation
on it.

Anyway, last weekend the URL I had send was not
reachable, so here it is again: Idea: no <div> in html
and readablity without css. It is just a test.


Peter Sylvester

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