[rfc-i] Graceful degradation is key, was: Re: draft-hildebrand-html-rfc

Paul Hoffman paul.hoffman at vpnc.org
Mon Jul 16 07:58:27 PDT 2012

On Jul 16, 2012, at 7:26 AM, Martin Rex wrote:

> Joe Hildebrand (jhildebr) wrote:
>> Try lynx.  Get a copy of either of them here:
>> http://www.jikos.cz/~mikulas/links/
>> http://lynx.browser.org/
>> I would expect folks who are militant command-liners to have one of these
>> in their toolbox.
> My work environment includes hundreds of machines where I am not allowed
> to freely install whatever third-party software I like.

No format for RFCs, *including the current one*, can satisfy every single possible person who reads RFC, particularly those people who cannot use tools that 99% of the rest of the people reading RFCs.

--Paul Hoffman

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