[rfc-i] Graceful degradation is key, was: Re: draft-hildebrand-html-rfc

Martin Rex mrex at sap.com
Mon Jul 16 07:26:40 PDT 2012

Joe Hildebrand (jhildebr) wrote:
> Try lynx.  Get a copy of either of them here:
> http://www.jikos.cz/~mikulas/links/
> http://lynx.browser.org/
> I would expect folks who are militant command-liners to have one of these
> in their toolbox.

My work environment includes hundreds of machines where I am not allowed
to freely install whatever third-party software I like.  The paperwork
to get permission to do this is time-consuming and frustrating.
And if the software doesn't come as pre-packaged binary from a vendor,
installation becomes a real nightmare (because of the hegerogeneous
landscape, e.g. HP-UX 11.0, 11.11, 11.23, 11.31 (hpia64 and hpparisc),
SunOS 5.6, 5.8, 5.9, 5.10, 5.11 (sparc and x86) (all-in-all around 40).

On my first encounter with Unix in 1991, "vi" was not my
"love at first sight", but it was clear that whatever strange variant
of Unix I would come accross over time, it would very very probably
include "vi" in the factory install.  On top of that, vi worked fine
over 2400 bps dialin (tty).


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