[rfc-i] Graphics and XML

Paul Hoffman paul.hoffman at vpnc.org
Tue Jul 10 07:57:20 PDT 2012

On Jul 10, 2012, at 6:39 AM, Yoav Nir wrote:

> The other problem that keeps coming up is people wanting to add images, graphs and formulas to documents. XML2RFC as it currently stands is just as ill-suited for this as nroff.

Adding an image to an XML document is trivial: you use a stable URL. See draft-hoffman-rfcformat-canon-others for more detail.

It is unlikely that a document author needs to see the graphic inline as they are producing the document; they can look at them in other open windows. A reader would very likely want to see the graphics when they are reading the RFC, and thus would likely want to read in one of the formats that shows graphics inline: HTML, PDF, eBook, and so on. Some readers who just love text would suffice with text documents that have URLs in them and open the graphics separately. I suspect the number of the latter type of reader will go down over the course of a few years.

--Paul Hoffman

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