[rfc-i] A wild thought, RE: Valid email addresses [last call "On Authors, Contributors, Editors, and overload."]

Ross Callon rcallon at juniper.net
Wed Jan 11 09:34:53 PST 2012

>On 1/10/2012 1:55 PM, Ross Callon wrote:
>> Would it be feasible to give a similar address to RFC authors (such as
>> person at author.ietf.org)?
> I assume that your reason for suggesting this is to permit a stable contact 
> address in RFCs? 


> If not, what is the value you intend?

I am not aware of any other value (hiding affiliation does not strike me as desirable). 

> Since a mechanism like this would have substantial costs to develop and operate, 
> just how significant a problem do we currently have?  In theory, it ought to be 
> substantial, since people do move around.  In practice, I haven't noticed any 
> comment about this over the years.

I am aware of a few cases where ADs, WG chairs, or active old IETF greybeards have been searching for authors. On the most part they are found relatively quickly, or are determined to have disappeared in a way that a permanent Email address would not have solved (whether to a boat in the Pacific, to a different industry, or to a different plane of existence). 

...<much deleted here>...

> Is it worth spending, say, US$ 1M per year?
> d/

If this is the cost, then IMHO no. 



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