[rfc-i] A wild thought, RE: Valid email addresses

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Tue Jan 10 14:56:42 PST 2012

>Would it be feasible to give a similar address to RFC authors (such as
>person at author.ietf.org)? 

Technically?  Sure.  Administratively, it would be a nightmare.  IETF
participants have strong and often unrealistic expectations about
e-mail.  Some people would welcome a permanent address associated with
their RFCs, some would insist that even suggesting that they have such
an address would violate their fundamental human rights, and the
demand that they tell IETF when their address changes is tantamount to

For an IETF address to be useful, it would have to be published in
RFCs and elsewhere, which means it will get a certain amount of spam.
Nonetheless, the IETF's spam filtering must be perfect, so that nobody
ever gets spam forwarded via their IETF address, while all legitimate
mail is forwarded instantly.  And, of course, it must be trivially
easy for people you like to find your IETF address, while impossible
for people you don't like.

So, uh, if you want a long term address, you know where to find Yahoo,
Hotmail, and Gmail.

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