[rfc-i] Comments on draft-iab-rfcformatreq

Martin Rex mrex at sap.com
Wed Dec 19 23:44:12 PST 2012

John R Levine wrote:
>> The reason to spell out non-ASCII unicode code points is that everyone
>> will call it by the very same name, rather than everyone guessing or
>> trying to describe the shape of the glyph instead, leading to
>> ambiguity and misunderstandings.
> Un huh.  What is the name of this character: #

 "Number Sign", see

> What do you call two dots over a vowel?

I don't call them anything.  They're non-ascii, and can not be
typed on my keyboard, any completely irrelevant to the languages
that I understand.

> Does it matter that I probably call them something else?

If we prohibit their use in I-Ds and RFCs, then it remains
irrelevant for IETF mailing list and WG meeting discussions
how people call them and how rarely that term is understood
by others.


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