[rfc-i] Character sets, was Comments on draft-iab-rfcformat

John R Levine johnl at taugh.com
Tue Dec 18 20:59:57 PST 2012

>> We've spent the past decade saying that we can't do anything that might
>> inconvenience the ever smaller number of people who use 80 character ASCII
>> page printers, while totally ignoring the ever larger number who use the
>> kinds of devices that people actually use these days, web browsers,
>> tablets, and the like.  Really, it's time to get beyond that.
> I do not have any number about this, but I would guess that the 
> percentage of people who want only ASCII is higher if you count only the 
> people who actually implement I-Ds/RFCs.

Sheesh, we can all pull numbers out of various bits of our bodies.

> I am a developer, and when I have to carefully read each word and 
> analyze the meaning of each sentence, there is no better support for me 
> than a printed page in ASCII.

I also write my share of code that implmenents various standards, and I 
prefer a printed page that looks typeset, not like a 1960s line printer, 
or maybe something on my tablet, or legible on my screen. I realize that 
tastes vary, as a general principle, it would be nice if we tried not to 
assume that everyone in the world is just like onesself.

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