[rfc-i] Comments on draft-iab-rfcformatreq

Joel M. Halpern jmh at joelhalpern.com
Tue Dec 18 15:28:53 PST 2012

In the draft you point to, would it suffice if you could include the 
actual unicode character in the parenthesis (preferably along with the 
description, but that seems to be a minor detail.)  If so, that would 
seem to preserve readability if some script elements are missing, while 
having enhanced value when they are resent.
The canonical bad case is when a author's name is only in some obscure 
script, and displays as boxes on many people's screen, paper, ...


On 12/18/2012 6:12 PM, John R Levine wrote:
>> If I am reading this right, there are two related bu distinct issues
>> related to extended character sets.
>> On the one side, there are cases where we need such characters.  We
>> need to be clear about what those cases are, and why, if only so folks
>> can understand the tradeoffs we are making.
>> On the other side, the RFC has to be readable and understandable by
>> folks who may not have scrips for some characters installed, or who
>> may not be easily able t distinguish subtle differences in characters
>> within the script.  (It is hard enough to read English some days.)
> Right.  One thing we don't know is how many people don't have a
> resaonably modern character set available.  I'm a troglodyte, typing
> bash commands on FreeBSD, but my terminal emulator has all of the
> accented latin characters and a pretty good collection of Arabic,
> Chinese, and Japanese as well. We may well be worrying about a
> vanishingly small set of people banging away on their Model 37 ttys.
> The sort of thing I'm thinking of drafts like
> http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-levine-tld-variant-04
> It's about the way that various registries handle IDNs.  While it was
> possible to write it using hex Unicode values, it would have been a lot
> easier to read if we could just mention exámple.tld vs. example.tld and
> the issues of Ç and C in some scripts.
> Regards,
> John Levine, johnl at taugh.com, Taughannock Networks, Trumansburg NY
> "I dropped the toothpaste", said Tom, crestfallenly.

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