[rfc-i] In the vein of LaTeX, but better and live: LyX

Ted Lemon mellon at fugue.com
Thu Dec 6 10:21:25 PST 2012

On Dec 6, 2012, at 12:13 AM, Nico Williams <nico at cryptonector.com> wrote:
> I've had no such problems on Ubuntu.  LyX != LaTeX, and the packaging works well.  All you need is the LyX pkgs, docbook-sgml, and lyx2rfc.  The lyx2rfc bits need a bit more work in order to be fully integrated i to LyX, and since it's just a shell script I need to rewrite it in Python or some such in order to support lyx2rfc on Windows, but it does work.

You misunderstand me.   The fact that someone else did all the work to get it working does not excuse the amount of work it takes to get it working.   Microsoft does a great job of getting Word built and getting binaries to you, but that doesn't help if you want to change it.   Open source isn't particularly useful if the code is write-only.

Lyx in itself isn't a bad thing as a tool for producing your own documents, but the underlying tool it depends on is TeX, and much of a fan as I was of TeX in my youth, it is a nightmare to get it running.   Of course the Debian and Fedora guys have it nailed, but try building it from source yourself and you'll see the problem.   And this makes it not future-proof, and hence not a good tool to use for RFCs.

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