[rfc-i] Accessibility and figures

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Mon Apr 30 19:57:59 PDT 2012

>However, that would seem somewhat insensitive of me, and I wish there were
>more folks that had direct experience implementing protocols with
>accessibility needs in this conversation.

Many years ago I volunteered for Recording for the Blind, and what I
read was mostly engineering textbooks.  When I got to a figure, I
described it in much the way proposed here, e.g., there's an X axis
running from 0 to 10, and a Y axis running from 0 to 100, with grid
marks every 2 for X and 20 for Y.  A dashed curve labelled FOO starts
at about 1,1, rises sharply to about 3,80, then bends and flattens out
toward 10,85.  A dotted curve labelled BAR starts at 0,0, is fairly
flat to 7,10, then curves sharply up and crosses FOO near 8,70. etc.

It's not as good as seeing it, but they said that's what the students
who used my recordings wanted.


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