[rfc-i] Now tell me how to communicate this as effectively in plaintext

Phillip Hallam-Baker hallam at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 09:28:14 PDT 2012

I have been working on the attached document for several months. It
describes a proposal to change the structure of PKI. Note that none of
the other proposals referenced are described in RFC form either, nor
do the authors have any intention of using that format.

The subject matter is neither simple nor straightforward. The
arguments are not straightforward either. PKI is a complicated subject
because it deals with the real world and the real world is complex.

While all the diagrams and illustrations are described in the text, it
is much more likely that people will understand the diagrams than the

Now while I could convert this into plaintext format I am not going
to. I am going to make my argument in the format I think is going to
be most effective for communication.

I have the following questions:

1) Does anyone seriously want to argue that the document would be
easier to interpret in plaintext format without any diagrams?

2) Do people respect the fact that it would take me a great deal of
time to write text that could come anywhere near as clear as the

3) Does anyone imagine people would read the result?

4) Would anyone insist on plaintext if they thought that people had a
choice in the standards organization they participate in?

[I understand that the attached file will not work on kindle but I
would be only too pleased to produce the file in an alternative format
if we agreed one. Indeed the kindle format might well serve the
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