[rfc-i] graphics support

Paul E. Jones paulej at packetizer.com
Fri Apr 20 20:27:43 PDT 2012

> >One thing I do not fully understand is how text is handled in SVG.
> Text is just standard Unicode text, usually in UTF-8.  Same as HTML.

That's what concerns me a little...

> >Fonts change with time to and changing one font for another where a
> >character needs precise placement might mean the character is not
> >rendered in the right place.  Is that an issue with SVG?
> You don't necessary place each individual glyph (although you can), just
> the beginning of a given text run.

And different fonts can render text differently, perhaps resulting in
rendering the text in the wrong position.
> Again, this is no different from HTML (especially with CSS placement
> attributes).

You're right, but one reason this works is that actively maintained web
sites are always using the latest fonts, etc.  I suspect there are issues
going from one platform to another.

A reason for embedding fonts in PDF documents, I assume, is to ensure proper
reproduction when that font is not available on the machine displaying the

Anyway, I'm definitely not an SVG guru and not sure what issues might exist
if we were to use them and then fonts referenced are no longer available 10
years later.  Perhaps it will still work because whatever substitute font is
used would be in a similar family and rendered with precision?  I guess it
might "look" different than the original, but equally effective.


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