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Ole Jacobsen ole at cisco.com
Tue Apr 17 16:53:15 PDT 2012

(I said something similar to this on another list, but thought it 
might be useful here too):

I think it would be nice if we could produce more "professional" and 
"modern" looking RFCs that look more like our competition, that is,
ITU and ISO documents. I don't understand why we need to be stuck in
a 1960's lineprinter world, nor do I accept the notion that it is 
always better to explain things with words and not with pictures.

While we don't write specifications for physical things (hardware), I 
can certainly imagine documents where it would be useful (illustrative)
to be able to include a diagram, say for something like a connector or 
some other physical thing. Given our ever expanding scope at all 
layers, this doesn't sound like an unreasonable "requirement" or at 
least "desirable feature" to me.

I would also like to have some way of producing a reference paper 
(virtual or real) version where you could say "see diagram 15 on the 
top of page 47". I don't know how you would encode that in a 
free-flow, re-flow, HTML-ish form, but that's an implementation detail 
in some sense.

Once (or if) we agree on what elements we would like to have in future 
RFCs we can then have the discussion of how to encode it, edit it and
so on. We seem to be having those discussions already without having
agreed on any requirements, wishlists etc.


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