[rfc-i] Referring to specific paragraphs, Re: draft-rfc-image-files-03

Paul E. Jones paulej at packetizer.com
Wed Apr 11 19:13:03 PDT 2012

> > If we insist on line numbers, than we can essentially stop the format
> discussion, as having line numbers implies fixed formatting.
> As I was saying, the need for this type of precision referencing means the
> author of the referred to text did a bad job.
> If you really need to be super precise you can always quote what you're
> referring to.

I don't necessarily see a need to refer to a particular word, but I can see
a benefit in referring to a particular table or paragraph.  And it should
not necessarily be that we show visible links in the table of contents to
every id defined in the document.

It would be trivial for a post-processing tool, for example, to assign
unique IDs to every <p> tag or <table> tag, etc.


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