[rfc-i] Use of PDF/A for archiving RFC's

Leonard Rosenthol lrosenth at adobe.com
Wed Apr 11 15:55:50 PDT 2012

>I think this is not quite correct (it's atypical for ISO to develop standards on their own; and this doesn't seem to have happened here),
Actually, almost all ISO standards are developed entirely within the ISO.  It's more unusual that other groups or organizations bring something to the ISO for standardization.   And in the case of PDF/A, it was done entirely by ISO (well, starting with AIIM, the US national body for ISO - but same thing).   

>Based on the Wikipedia summary, PDF/A requires unconditional font embedding, including standard Postscript fonts. 
That is correct.

>Isn't this a bit cumbersome for the IETF, from a copyright point of view?
Why?   All of those fonts have "embedding rights" associated with them.  Any other font that you choose to use will identify itself (via a flags field in the header) as to its embeddable status.   Software respects that.


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