[rfc-i] Use of PDF/A for archiving RFC's

Florian Weimer fw at deneb.enyo.de
Wed Apr 11 13:42:37 PDT 2012

* Leonard Rosenthol:

> The reason that PDF/A is only available from ISO is that it was
> developed entirely by ISO and thus they own the document.  We can't
> legally distribute their document.

I think this is not quite correct (it's atypical for ISO to develop
standards on their own; and this doesn't seem to have happened here),
but I understand your point that you aren't in a position to acquire
distribution rights from ISO.

Based on the Wikipedia summary, PDF/A requires unconditional font
embedding, including standard Postscript fonts.  Isn't this a bit
cumbersome for the IETF, from a copyright point of view?

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