[rfc-i] RFC Server Outage Report

SM sm at resistor.net
Wed Apr 11 03:11:50 PDT 2012

Dear Internet Architecture Board,

According to draft-iab-rfc-editor-model-v2-05, the Internet Architecture Board
maintains its chartered responsibility for the RFC Editor as defined 
in RFC 2850.  I hope that it is the appropriate party to enquire 
about this RFC Editor matter.

The RFC Server Outage Report posted at 
mentions that the "the RFC Editor server was attacked
and compromised" and that "the website was returning invalid search 
results for searches against the RFC Editor database".  From the 
report I gather that any information served by www.rfc-editor.org 
over HTTP or HTTPS should be considered as invalid during the period 
mentioned in the report.

The report does not mention whether information served by 
ftp.rfc-editor.org during that period should be considered as 
valid.  It is not clear from the report whether "the RFC Editor 
server" refers to both www.rfc-editor.org and ftp.editor.org.  Can 
that be clarified?


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