[rfc-i] draft-rfc-image-files-03

Yaakov Stein yaakov_s at rad.com
Sun Apr 8 23:29:07 PDT 2012


> I just had a look at http://tools.ietf.org/id/draft-rfc-image-files-03.txt

So, did I. It reminds me of reading patents, and academic theses from 20 years ago,
where the figures are all gathered together at the back (or in the case of US patents at the front)
and the reader is forced to flip back and forth to follow the train of an argument referencing a figure.
At least with paper you can hold the figure page in one hand,
but unless a "bundled format" has been prepared, this flipping is close to impossible on
anything but a screen with aspect ratio exceeding 2:1.

Academia fled from this format as soon as technology allowed it.
The PTOs still cling to it, but they have barely changed since the 1623 Statute of Monopolies.

As mentioned in the draft, the separation into base and image files completely falls apart 
for the case of mathematical equations,
which the draft proposes leaving in ASCII art form.  ugh


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