[rfc-i] draft-rfc-image-files-03

Paul E. Jones paulej at packetizer.com
Sun Apr 8 13:39:05 PDT 2012

> One option that is supported in some browsers at least is to use MIME
> archive format.

I was wondering about this option, myself. It would perhaps enable something
people would not want, that being that multiple pages could appear in one
> Email messages already contain HTML text and embedded images in one file.
> The only problem being that the format is really not properly specified as
> a standard and it is BASE64 based so not wonderfully efficient.

Are you saying RFC 2556 is not well specified, or something about the way
email clients do it?
> It really should be possible to exchange HTML+ graphics objects in one
> data blob. This would be useful IETF work even if IETF does not end up
> using it for RFCs.

I think the <img src="data:..."> option thrown out by Joe Hildebrand is a
good way to do this.


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