[rfc-i] Fwd: Re: Informational RFC to be: <draft-irtf-asrg-bcp-blacklists-10.txt>

Olaf Kolkman olaf at NLnetLabs.nl
Wed Sep 28 06:55:38 PDT 2011

On Sep 27, 2011, at 6:30 PM, Dave CROCKER wrote:

> As such, I think that non-IETF streams MUST NOT:
>   1.  Claim to follow RFC 2026 (The Internet Standards Process -- Revision 3)
>   2.  Claim to conform to  RFC 2119 (Key words for use in RFCs to Indicate Requirement Levels)
>   3.  Have a title that asserts that the document is a standard or BCP

3 short remarks:
1. RFC5741 tries to address the practical issues of inter stream confusion.
2. -1 on pont 2 (2119 is of great benefit for any specifications, in and outside the (greater) IETF.
3. Point 3 is about fairness in advertisement and also applies to IETF stream documents that are not a standard or BCP (also a motivation for RFC5741)

no hat.


Olaf M. Kolkman                        NLnet Labs


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