[rfc-i] Fwd: Pre-IETF RFCs to Historic (not really proposing)

Bob Braden braden at isi.edu
Fri Sep 16 14:22:59 PDT 2011


I am impressed, too. The RFC Editor staff has been painfully aware of 
the moving-contact-address problem for many years and sometimes they 
discussed solutions, but gave up on it as much too large a problem and 
out of scope for the RFC Editor.

Bob Braden

On 9/16/2011 11:08 AM, Dave CROCKER wrote:
> What interesting timing...
> Apparently, we have a version of that already running.  I discovered 
> it yesterday.
> One of my co-authors has an old address that doesn't work, but errata 
> keep coming in and, therefore, not getting to him.
> I sent a note asking if he could get mail forwarded to his current 
> address and Alice's response to my co-author was:
>    "your email address has been updated to {xxx} for any future 
> automated mail regarding errata in RFCs that you authored"
> I was impressed to see the scope of the change, across "all" RFCs, but 
> didn't ask for details.
> One can easily imagine making this more automated, although that would 
> introduce some significant security issues.
> d/

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