[rfc-i] From Pandoc To RFC

Miek Gieben miek at miek.nl
Mon Oct 31 06:44:51 PDT 2011

With a little bit of perl to transform the rfc to pandoc you will get very far. It's a fun experiment.  I will try it on rfc 1034.

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Michael Richardson <mcr at sandelman.ca> wrote:

>>>>>> "Olaf" == Olaf Kolkman <olaf at NLnetLabs.nl> writes:
>    Olaf> My friend Miek Gieben just demonstrated the use of Pandoc that
>    Olaf> in combination with Make and XSLT scripting to can produce
>    Olaf> internet-drafts in XML format from plain text input.
>    Olaf> The plain text only needs a few formatting conventions, more
>    Olaf> or less like wiki markup.
>Could it turn existing RFCs into XML as well?
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