[rfc-i] Thoughts on the Independent Stream

Craig Partridge craig at aland.bbn.com
Sat Oct 22 14:28:41 PDT 2011

> Consider this as comments to draft-iab-ise-model-01.
> I would offer that the Independent Stream is obsolete.  The need to create a venue to publish non-IETF standards publications is totally irrelevant now that we have this thing called the World Wide Web.  There is a lot of confusion in the marketplace that an RFC is an IETF publication.  MANY people who publish Independent Submissions do so with the explicit purpose of leveraging that confusion.  I would offer the Independent Stream is destabilizing, evil, and something not to be supported.

The statement "a venue to publish non-IETF standards" is an odd strawman
for the Independent Stream.  Historically the ISE has published ideas
not yet ready for standardization and editorials (some of which turn out to
have mattered) as well as documenting technical paths not followed (and
why) and, once in a while, documenting a standard that needed to be in
a referenced place.

More generally, the note seems to have blinkers that the IETF is the only
thing that matters.  Taking a longer view, at one time the IETF was the
smallest and youngest Internet Task Force, and, who knows, it may
dwindle in the future...  The RFC series predates the IETF by nearly
two decades (and the IAB by a decade) and may outlive the IETF in the future.
I view the Independent Stream as the mechanism that will permit that
outcome if required.



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