[rfc-i] The "executive management" conundrum

Ross Callon rcallon at juniper.net
Tue Jul 19 10:39:05 PDT 2011

> 2) The RSOC requested, and was given permission, to replace the term 
> "executive management" in their posted summary.  The IAB has not yet 
> made a final decision on that issue for 5620bis.  If folks have opinions 
> on that, they should say so.  (And quite a few folks have done so, which 
> has been helpful.)
> Yours,
> Joel

I don't think that the term adds all that much. When I read "executive management" I think "they want this to sound important", "some judgment may be needed", and also "but it is very vague regarding what this actually means". I then read the rest of the text to try to figure out what the term actually means in this instance. 

Perhaps since I don't think that the term means much, I also don't get confused by it (since I read pretty much nothing into the term other than "some judgment needed", which to me also makes me think of "sensible person is a necessity" and "some IETF experience might be useful" ). 


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